To upload the clinical evaluation document in Office 365 do the following: 

  1. Login to the Microsoft Office portal by going to and login with your and network password. 
  2. Click on OneDrive. 
  3. Create new folders by clicking on New > Folder. Provide a name and click "Ok". 
  4. To add files to a folder you can either click on Upload, browse for the file, and upload it, or you can drag the file into the OneDrive window. 

To share either a folder or an individual document:

  1. Click on the "share" button or the three dots and then "share". 
  2. Click on the line that says "Anyone with the link" and change it to "Specific people". 
  3. Click "Apply". 
  4. Enter a user's name to search for the user, you can add multiple at the same time. Once the users have been added, click the "Send" button.