Exams and tests are given differently for online courses depending on the type of course and the instructor. Some online courses allow students to take their tests using the Quizzes tool in D2L, while other courses require students to use a free tool called Respondus LockDown Browser to take exams while still using the Quizzes tool in D2L. Courses that require the student to login to another website to complete coursework, (typically a textbook publisher's site), typically allow the students to take tests and exams through the publisher's site.

Some courses, such as all math courses, require that all exams be given in a professional testing environment with a qualified proctor. If you live in Great Falls, you can schedule your tests with theĀ GFCMSU Testing Center. A link to their site is provided below. Distance students may need to locate a test proctor in their area. If the instructor requires proctored tests, they will provide some additional information to students to help them locate one.

Visit the link above to visit the Testing Center's page for hours and to schedule a test.