1. From your browser go to https://login.microsoftonline.com or https://webmail.gfcmsu.edu.
  2. For username, use your netid@gfcmsu.edu ex: a12b345@gfcmsu.edu. Note: This is not your email address.
  3. For password, use the one that you use to login to the computers on campus and your student email. 
  4. You should see a screen similar to the following.
  5. From this screen simply click on the Outlook app icon to access your official GFCMSU.EDU student email account. 
  6. You can find your email address by clicking on the small circle in the upper right corner that either shows your profile picture or your initials and then clicking on My Office profile. From there, you will see an email address that looks similar to your firstname.lastname@gfcmsu.edu. This is your official student email address.