There are a couple of reasons why you may not be able to view your feedback for assignments that use Turnitin.

  • The feedback may not be available yet.  Some instructors like to manually submit the assignment feedback instead of having the report automatically release.
  • You may not have an email address set to "preferred" in Banner Web/My Info.
  • You might not be looking in the correct place for the feedback.  Please see "How do I view my feedback for assignments that use Turnitin?

Everyone that uses Turnitin has to have a preferred email address chosen in Banner Web/My Info.  If you navigate to your Banner Web/My Info on the homepage, you can check your personal information settings to make sure that one of your email addresses is marked as "preferred".  It will take overnight for the change to be made in the Turnitin system, and after the change has been made, you should be able to view your feedback in Turnitin.  Please contact eLearning if you experience any trouble in this process.