Go to Content and click "New" > "Create a File"

In the new Content topic, click "Insert Quicklink" > "External Learning Tools".

Select McGraw-Hill Campus

Save your Content topic. Now that the Content topic is saved, you will see a link that says McGraw-Hill Campus, as shown below. Click on the link to continue. 

You will be presented with a popup overlay that looks like the one below. Check the box to agree to the terms of use, and click on the "Get Started" button. 

The overlay will change to one that allows you to search for the textbook you will be using for your course. Enter the book title, author, or ISBN and click "Find Now". 

Click on the "Select" button for the correct book. 

If there is a McGraw-Hill web-based product associated with the book, there will be a button below the book, such as the "Connect" button shown in the image below. Click on the button to continue. 

The overlay will ask for the email address you have registered with McGraw-Hill to locate and link your account. 

At this point, what will happen may depend on the product you are using. If you have any questions or run into any problems, please contact an Instructional Designer (Carli or Brenda) or the Instructional Technology Specialist (Wayne).