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Faculty - How2 Enable TurnItIn For Assignment Folders

By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to...

  • Set Turnitin preferences for your assignments.

IMPORTANT: If you copy your course forward each semester, you may have to relink the assignments that used Turnitin.  Please see the screenshots below to learn how to relink your assignments to the Turnitin integration.

How2 Relink Your Turnitin Assignments in Copied Courses

You will see a notification that says "There are 1 folder(s) that were Turnitin enabled in the previous course offering."  Press the "re-enable" button to relink the assignments to Turnitin.

Enable TurnItIn on a new Assignment folder

  1. From the new assignment creation window, click to expand the Evaluation & Feedback panel.
  2. Click on "Manage TurnItIn". 
  3. Enable the settings you would like enabled. Note: GradeMark must be enabled in order to use any other functions, such as Originality Check. 
  4. Note: If your students will be submitting file types that cannot be "read" by TurnItIn, such as photographs, you must also click on the "More Options in Turnitin" button and check the box that says "Allow submission of any file type". Not doing this will prevent the student from uploading the photograph. Also, please be aware that the photograph will still be unable to be read by Turnitin, setting this functionality only allows the student to upload the file without receiving an error message. 
  5. Hit "Submit", "Save", and finish setting up your assignment folder settings.