You do not have to use the self-enroll feature that is used in the video.  The steps below demonstrate how to choose students yourself.

Faculty - How2 Use the Groups Feature in D2L Brightspace

By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to...

  • Assign students to groups for forums, assignments, and lockers.
  • Create one grade item for a group assignment.

1. Select "Groups" from the Communications dropdown.

You will need to be in the course in which you would like to use the groups feature to see the Communications dropdown.

2. Select "New Category".

3. Fill out the title of the category.

Some suggestions could be "Week 1 Discussion" or "Group Report".

4. Choose "Enrollment Type" from the drop-down menu and enter any additional information related to the type you chose. For example, if you chose "# of Groups" then you will need to enter the desired number of groups in the box below the drop-down menu.

5. Under "Additional Options" expand the options, if it is collapsed, and select which areas you wish this group to use from discussion areas, lockers, and assignments. If you select discussion areas you will need to select an existing or create a new forum and topic. If you select assignments you will need to select an assignment type, typically this is left set to "File submission".

6. When you are done creating your group, click the Save button.

7. If you selected to create group discussions you will now see a window to select some options for creating the group discussion topic. Click "Create and Next".

8. If you selected to create group assignments you will now see a window to select some options for creating the group assignment(s). Create your assignment(s) and click "Create".

9. You should now see a Workspace Summary which shows how many discussion topics, lockers, assignments were created based on the settings you chose. Click "Done". 

10. You should now be on a screen that allows you manage the groups you've created. Click on the down arrow to the right of the group category name and click "Enroll Users". 

11. If you selected an option that does not auto enroll users you should now see all of the enrolled users in the course and you can use the checkboxes to enroll users in specific groups. Once you are done click "Save".