Faculty - How2 Make Quizzes Available for Study Purposes

By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to...

  • Make a quiz available to students after they have submitted the quiz.

Instructors may find it valuable to allow students to review quizzes/tests and answers for studying purposes.  You are able to adjust these settings during any part of the course.  Some instructors adjust the settings at the beginning of the semester to allow students to continually review the quizzes/tests.

1. Select "Quizzes" from the "Toolbox" dropdown.

2. Select "Edit" from the dropdown next to the quiz you want to edit.

3. Select the "Submission Views" tab.

4. Click "Default View".

5. Change the settings according to your preferences.

The question marks are clickable and explain each of the options to choose from.

6. Save.

7. (Optional) Time restrict the viewing period.

If you would like to have the viewing period restricted to a certain amount of time, select "Add Additional View" to change.