Schedule Live Lectures

The Webex Education Connector can be used to schedule live lectures from within Brightspace. 

  1. Click on the Webex link you created in the initial setup. 
  2. Click on the Virtual Meetings tab and then click on New connector
  3. Give your meeting an appropriate name. For instance, if you will be using the "Recurrence" feature to schedule lecture every Tuesday at 10am, you might call this recurring meeting Tuesday lecture. 
    • Click on the Meeting Date and set the date and start time for the meeting. If you are using recurrence then this is the first upcoming lecture. 
    • Set the duration of the lecture period. 
    • Leave the "Host Center" on "meeting". 
    • If you are setting this up as a recurring meeting, click on the appropriate option to be presented with additional options. education connector
    • education connector
  4. Click on Create connector
  5. When it is time to start your meeting, you will navigate to this screen and click on the "Host" button. 
  6. You will see a screen with the meeting password, as shown below. Click the "Copy" button to copy the meeting password to your computer's clipboard. 
  7. If you are prompted for the password, click in the password field, and press CTRL + V (CMD + V for Mac users) on your keyboard to paste the password. 

How Do Students Join The Lecture?

  1. Students will navigate to the course content and click on the Webex link. 
  2. Click on the Virtual Meetings tab. 
  3. Click Join. 
  4. The student will be presented with the meeting password and they will need to click the "copy" button before they can continue to the lecture. 
  5. When the student is prompted to enter the password they will click in the password field and press CTRL + V (CMD + V for Mac users) on their keyboard to paste the password into the field.