We have a limited amount of recording storage space in Webex, so it is important to move Webex recordings to Panopto as soon as possible and delete them from Webex to ensure that your recordings will not be purged. It's a 3-step process. Please follow the instructions below to accomplish this. It looks like many steps but they are quick. Please refer to the video below for a real-time demonstration. 

Step 1 - Download Recordings from Webex

  1. Visit https://gfcmsu.webex.com, click Sign-In, and sign in with your login credentials. 
  2. Click on the "recordings" button on the left side of the page. 
  3. You cannot "bulk download" your videos, so ignore the checkboxes for now. Click on the download button next to each of the videos you wish to move, make sure you do this one at a time and check to make sure they have been downloaded to your computer before moving on to step 2. 

Step 2 - Upload Recordings to Panopto

  1. Login to Brightspace and navigate to the course where you wish to upload this video. Note: Make sure you navigate to the correct course before uploading any videos to avoid uploading videos to the wrong course.
  2. Click on Toolbox > Panopto Recordings. 
  3. Click on the green "Create" button and then click on "Upload Media". 
  4. Either drag your videos onto the window that appears or click where it says "Choose video or audio files" to browse your computer to locate and select the file(s).
  5. Wait for the video to be uploaded before navigating away from this screen. The page will tell you when it is safe to close the "Add files" window.
  6. Depending on the size of your videos the processing time will vary but within a few minutes your videos will be processed and viewable by your students when they go to Toolbox > Panopto Recordings.
  7. You're not quite done yet though. Please continue to Step 3.

Step 3 - Delete Recordings from Webex

  1. Once you are confident your videos have all been downloaded from Webex and uploaded to Panopto, return to https://gfcmsu.webex.com..
  2. Click on "recordings" again (unless you are still there). 
  3. Check the box next to each recording to be deleted and click the "delete" button. The delete button won't appear until you've checked at least one box.
  4. If you inadvertently delete something, it will stay in a recycle bin for a brief period of time. You can access it by clicking on on the dropdown menu that says "All" by default and selecting "Deleted". From here, you can restore a deleted video. Once they are purged they will no longer be accessible.